Terms & Conditions

Web Nirnaya IT Solutions

30 Days On-site Service Warranty

For each of the Solutions that we provide. There will be 30 days On-site service warranty after completion of service for Servers & Networks. The warranty covers only the labour cost. The warranty does not cover parts or hardware costs.

No Data Recover. No Charges

For data recovery Solutions. If no data are recovered, charges will not be applied.

No Fix, No Solution, No Charge Policy

If Web Nirnaya IT engineers are unable to fix or provide a Technical Solution to solve your Technical problem, charges will not be applied. If diagnostic has been done and technical solution has been given, charges will be applied.

Request for Deposit

Web Nirnaya IT Solutions may request a 50% deposit for quotation above INR 20000.00. All deposit and payment shall be made payable only to Web Nirnaya IT Solutions .

Cancellation of Service

For cancellation of service, an official memo shall be sent to Web Nirnaya IT Solutions. No refund will be given for confirmed product orders and service provided. CUSTOMER shall fully bear the cost of product. Goods purchased are neither returnable nor refundable. Web Nirnaya IT Solutions reserved the right to re-possess the goods/ service under this quotation.

Availability of Components

Web Nirnaya IT Solutions does not accept responsibility for any repair or any delay in carrying out repairs caused by "difficult to source parts" but will always endeavor to respond promptly and effectively.

Resulting Damage

Web Nirnaya IT Solutions will attempt to respond promptly and effectively to calls for service. Web Nirnaya IT Solution will be under no liability for the loss or damage of any description (PC data included) resulting on our negligence or failure to act promptly.

Overdue Payment

Web Nirnaya IT Solutions will understand and allow a grace period for our CUSTOMER to follow up with payment. Web Nirnaya IT Solutions will set a reasonable payment due date for payment. If payment is not received after the payment due date, the overdue account will be charge with an additional 1.5% interest monthly from the remaining Payment Balance.

End of Terms and Conditions