About Us

What make us different?

Your interest is our priority. Web Nirnaya IT Solutions offer tailored IT solutions that suit your needs.

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A few words about us

Web Nirnaya IT Solutions is a local company providing system integration, IT support & IT maintenance solution since 2009. We have only one aim in our mind.

"To aid businesses on improving productivity and mitigate IT risk by empowering them with relevant IT technologies."

By following this idea, we have help many companies reduce uneccesary technical down time, improve their IT infrastructure and increase the reliabilty of their equipments. We have also help identify the risk of their IT infrastructure and provide neccesary disaster and recovery plans for them.

The solutions that we provide not only help reduce IT expenditure of company, but also improve the company productivity as there are minimum down time cause by technical failures.

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Why choose us?

Because we love what we do. Our interest in our work is what make us different.

We are always excited about meeting new people and handle new projects as each of it has it's own challenges. It give us the opportunity to put our skills to good use and at the same time show case our workmanship which we value highly.

The recommendation of products by us are focus on quality, reliabilty and cost effectivness as we want to recommend what is best for you.

Call us today to find out how we can help your company.